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Start a New Phishing Campaign



  • Bryan King

    How does scheduling work if we have multiple scenarios? 

    Say for example, I add 4 scenarios and then set a time from that is 16 weeks long. Will it send 1 a month to everyone or will it only send 1 at a random time within those 16 weeks, per user? 


  • Nicholas Gellatly

    Hey Bryan,

    We will only send out one email per phishing campaign. If you select multiple scenarios in one campaign, we will randomly choose from one of them, but only one message will be sent in total. 


    As far as the scheduling goes. Users/Learners will receive their phishing message at any point in the 16-week example. They might receive the email on the first day or they might receive the email on the last day. The end date does not signify that the campaign will end on the last day.  This is simply the last day that a phishing message can be sent. All phishing campaigns will end automatically 10 days after the last email is sent or if all phishing messages are interacted with by the users/learners they were sent to. 


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