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What are Escalations?



  • Tristan Bryant

    I notice that the paragraph above the table of listed escalation types notes "Potential Threats" as an option, but this type is not covered in the table. 

    Are "Potential Threats" a type of escalation? or has this been changed since the writing of the article?

  • Patrick Sofo

    Hi Tristan, 

    Huntress plans to eventually support a wider variety of Escalation use cases, including those related to potential threats. However, at this time we do not have those use cases time-lined on our official product roadmap. We will be sure to update this page when we do.

    Below is an example use case for a potential threat escalation:

    • A partner does not have Huntress fully deployed to all hosts in a given Organization. Our SOC team suspects there may be a potential threat on one of the hosts without a huntress agent, however we lack full visibility to say for sure. So ThreatOps generates an escalation to the partner to request they authorize deployment of a Huntress agent to the host in question

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