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[MSP / CSP Map] Integrating MDR for Microsoft 365



  • Russell Tammany

    This is not the complete process as there's a bunch of other important considerations like having to migrate every tenant off of security defaults and on to more expensive P1/P2 licensing.

  • Dave Kleinatland

    Greetings, Russell! To utilize the method above it is necessary to use conditional access which does require the P1/P2 licensing at this time. However, since Microsoft made some changes to Purview in October 2023, the P1/P2 licensing is no longer required to utilize the direct tenant mapping method. For the fastest response, please reach out to our support if any further assistance is needed.

  • Peter Fisher

    Just FYI - I think the cloud application administrator role is not needed here because of the presence of the application administrator role. In the Microsoft documentation on the cloud application administrator role here, it says "Users in this role have the same permissions as the Application Administrator role, excluding the ability to manage application proxy". So basically, Application Administrator already includes everything in cloud application administrator plus some other permissions.

    Same thing for Conditional Access Administrator and Security Administrator. All of the conditional access administrator permissions are already in the security administrator role. 

    It's not the biggest deal but could be the difference in needing to add another GDAP relationship or not, which is a time-consuming process.


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