We migrated ticketing systems!

If you would like to check on the status of a ticket, please visit huntress.zendesk.com.

For the time being, our documentation will stay the same, we will make a hard cutover when all the documentation is ready. The Huntress Support site will continue to be support.huntress.io, it will just come with a new look and feel.

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Updating Your Billing Contact

Huntress sends two types of billing notifications:

  • A payment receipt (invoice) that shows the total dollar amount charged. This is sent by our payment processing service.
  • A Billing Detail Report (Receipt) that provides a breakdown of agents by organization that was used to calculate the monthly charge.

Payment receipt

Payment receipts are automatically emailed to the primary account contact each month (this is the email address that was used to sign-up for the Huntress account). If you would like to update this email address, please contact support@huntress.io.

Billing Detail Report

This report provides a breakdown of agents by organization. This report is sent to the account's billing contact(s). See below for instructions on how to update the billing contact for the report and not the actual monetary invoice (please contact support@huntress.io to update this contact).

 To update the billing contact:

  1. Login to your Huntress dashboard with your admin account. 
  2. Click on the context menu in the upper-right corner and select Settings.

3. Update your Billing Emails and click Save.