Monthly/Quarterly Threat Reports

The Huntress reports are provided to give you a high-level overview of what Huntress has done this month/quarter.

Note: Managed Defender Antivirus is still in Public Beta and therefore MAV incidents are not included in these reports. These reports only include those incidents detected and sent by Huntress.

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Report Overview

  • Changes Analyzed: number of autorun changes across all the hosts within the organization that Huntress saw. (Autoruns are programs configured to run at system boot or login. These change as applications are added/removed/updated.)
  • Autoruns Reviewed: number of autoruns that an analyst reviewed because Huntress had not seen the autorun before.
  • Manual Investigations: number of investigations completed. Investigations are opened when automated analysis determines an autorun needs to be reviewed by an analyst. Investigations are also opened if an analyst determines the autorun looks suspicious when reviewing new autoruns.
  • Incidents Reported: number of incident reports sent. (Incident reports consist of one or more malicious autoruns.)

Accessing Reports

You have the option to get a report for your account and an individual report for each of your organizations.

To access the reports:

  1. Click the account/organization drop down
  2. Select your account or the organization you want a report for
  3. Click the reports view 

From the reports view, you can select the report you want to view or generate a preview for the current quarter/month.

Automatically Sending Reports

You have the option to automatically send reports to specified users.

On the Organizations view, click the pencil icon to edit the settings for the organization you want to automatically send reports to.

On the Organization Settings page, enter the email addresses to send the reports to and click Save.

Cobranding Reports/Adding your logo

Huntress gives you the ability to add your own logo to Huntress Reports.

Following the steps for Cobranding Marketing Material and your logo will be reflected on reports as well. 

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