Enable Duo

Duo provides robust two-factor authentication for your VPN, email, web portal, cloud services, etc., all from an centrally-managed administration portal. Huntress supports Duo as a second factor using Push, SMS, voice calls, or pass codes.

Setup a Duo Integration (Account)

Before you can enable Duo authentication, you'll need to setup a Duo integration in your Huntress account.

  1. Create a new Auth API application in your Duo admin panel.
  2. Get the Integration key, Secret key, and API hostname.
  3. Create a Duo integration in Huntress.
  4. Enter the details for the integration and click Save.

Enable Duo Two-Factor (User)

Before you can setup Duo you'll need to Enable Two-Factor Authentication and generate backup codes. Once two-factor authentication is enabled and a Duo integration is setup, a Duo setup link will appear.

  1. Open your user preferences page.
  2. Click Setup to begin the setup process.
  3. Click Enable to complete the Duo setup.

Disable Duo

If you decide you no longer want to use Duo as a second factor you can delete it from your user preferences page and you will no longer be prompted. You will however, be prompted for other two-factor methods if others are enabled.

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