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Enable Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator provides a time-based 6 digit code that users enter after logging in with their username and password. The code changes every 30 seconds which makes it very hard for an attacker to guess the current code. Enabling Google Authenticator as a second factor means you'll be required to enter the code whenever you log into the Huntress portal. For systems you trust and use often, you may select an option that will remember the device for up to 30 days so you don't have to enter the code as often.


Before you can set up Google Authenticator you'll need to Enable Two-Factor Authentication and generate backup codes. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, a Google Authenticator setup link will appear.

  1. Open your user preferences page.
  2. Click Setup to begin the setup process.
  3. Open Google Authenticator on your mobile device and scan the provided QR code.
  4. To complete the setup, enter the code from the Google Authenticator app and click Verify

Note: the time on your device must be set to "automatic," if the time on your phone is off, OTAP (Google Authenticator) will not work.

Disable Google Authenticator

If you decide you no longer want to use Google Authenticator as a second factor you can delete it from your user preferences page and you will no longer be prompted for the code. You will however, be prompted for other two-factor methods if others are enabled.