Why Has An Agent Not Checked In?

You have a Huntress Agent that registered but has not checked in.

Last Seen is the last time the Huntress Agent checked in for tasking.

Last Update Request is the last time the Huntress Updater checked for an update.

There are a few common reasons this may be occurring:

  1. If the agent and updater have failed to check in, the host is likely offline (or wiped/re-imaged without uninstalling the agent first). If this is the case, you can remove the agent from your account.
  2. If the host is online, use the Windows Services Manager to verify that the HuntressAgent and HuntressUpdater services are running. If the services are running, try resting the services.

The agent logs should provide additional details and may indicate what the issue could be. The logs can be found in the locations below. If there are no logs it typically indicates the agent/updater have never (the logs are created immediately when the services are started).


Feel free to send the logs to so we can help troubleshoot. 

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