Using Tags to Group Agents within Organizations

We've received a fair amount of feedback from our partners requesting the ability to freely group Huntress Agents within an Organization. Our Team also saw the value, so we've provided a way to add simple, descriptive words or phrases to each installed agent. We call these Agent Tags and they can be added during installation (manually or via a deployment script) or after installation (within the Huntress Web Interface). With that said, we're still exploring the best way to implement the user experience for this feature:

  • A list of tags that renders a list of hosts?
  • A universal search bar?
  • How about automatic tagging (such as OS version, architecture, etc.)?

Regardless of the final implementation, you can start tagging immediately. As soon as our solution is live, you'll be able to enjoy it without lifting a finger :)Tags allow you to group agents within your Organizations. For example, you might tag all your servers with a "server" tag, or if you are an MSP you might use a tag to indicate the customer's location. An agent can have multiple tags.

Tags can be set when installing the Huntress Agent and in the Huntress Management Console. 

Editing tags in the Huntress Management Console

To change a tag in the Huntress Management Console, click on the "Agents" view and then click the pencil icon next to the tag:
The tags are comma-separated names. Press "enter" when done making the changes.