We migrated ticketing systems!

If you would like to check on the status of a ticket, please visit huntress.zendesk.com.

For the time being, our documentation will stay the same, we will make a hard cutover when all the documentation is ready. The Huntress Support site will continue to be support.huntress.io, it will just come with a new look and feel.

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How do I configure per organization notifications?

There is not a way within Huntress to send notifications to different email addresses based on the organization.

That said, several of our partners accomplish this with email rules. The email rule forwards the incident report based on the organization name in the subject line. 

For more information on parsing Huntress Incidents check out this Doc: https://support.huntress.io/article/134-parsing-huntress-incident-alerts

If alerting and remediation must be set up for an organization that Organization must be bumped up to a Huntress Account Contract (that can live as a "reseller contract" under the parent account). More information here: Reselling Huntress (for resellers)