How do I add, rename or delete an Organization?

Adding Organizations

Within the Organization tab, simply click on "Add"

You will then be prompted to input your chosen Organization Name and Key then press "Save".

Renaming Organizations

Organizations can be renamed by selecting the edit (pencil) button from the Organizations page (see screenshot below).

The Name the display name used within the Huntress UI and on reports. The Key is used when registering agents.

NOTE: If you change the Key, you may need to update any deployment scripts that use the Key, otherwise, you may end up with duplicate organizations.

Think of the Organization name as the display name. It's only used to show to users, the key is what the system uses to find the correct organization for the agent.

Complete details for changing the organization name can be found here.

Deleting an Organization

Following the same steps above, you can also delete an Organization. Click the trash can icon to delete the Organization.

Warning: Deleting an Organization will remove all Huntress Agents under that Organization from your Huntress Account.

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