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Using Account Keys, Organization Keys, and Agent Tags

The Huntress Service uses two "keys" to associate agents with the appropriate Account and Organization. We refer to these as your Account Key and Organization Keys. To learn more, check out the following sections:

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Account Key

In order to determine which Huntress Account an Agent should be associated with, we use a unique secret called an Account Key. This key is used during the Huntress Agent installation process (GUI and Silent) and should only be disclosed to those that are installing Huntress Agents. Your account is billed for each agent using this key, so it's important to treat it with caution and care. You can find this key by performing the following steps:

NOTE: Only account-level users have access to the account key which is needed to install the agent (and therefore the installer download is also restricted to account-level users). This was done to prevent unauthorized agent installs since the account is responsible for billing.

  1. Login to the Huntress Web Interface.

  2. Hover over the Huntress options menu in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

  3. Select the "Download Agent" option from the menu.

  4. On the Installer page you can retrieve your Account Key (and download the Huntress Agent installer while you are here).

Organization Keys

Organization Keys are used to associate a Huntress Agent into a grouping we call  Huntress Organizations. The Organization Key is typically a short, user-defined identifier that is required during Agent installation. For RMM users, LabTech's ClientName, Continuum's SiteName, and Kaseya's MachineGroup are ideal examples as they'll automatically group your managed hosts into your pre-organized formats.

We're big fans of automating mundane tasks and manually organizing agents is right next to watching paint dry. To help with this, the Huntress Web Interface will automatically create an Organization for you when a new agent registers with an Organization Key that doesn't already exist.

Organization Names

Since Organization Keys aren't always the prettiest names, we've also added the ability customize an Organization's display name from the Huntress Account's Organization Management page. Just take care and don't accidentally change the Organization Key or future agent installations may end up in a duplicate organization.

  1. Navigate to your Account Dashboard by hovering over your account name in the upper-left corner and selecting the first option in the drop-down menu.

  2. Select the "Organizations" option from the top navigation bar.

  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the desired Organization.

  4. Within the "Organization Name" field, change it to something more friendly. These display names will be used in the Huntress generated reports and throughout the Huntress Web Interface.

  5. Voila! Pretty organization names are happy organization names ;)