Huntress Net Installer

We are currently beta testing the Huntress Net Installer. If you would like to help us test please contact

The Huntress Net Installer (HuntressNetInstaller.exe) is a wrapper for the standalone Huntress Agent Installer (HuntressInstaller.exe).

The Huntress Net Installer will:

  1. Download the most recent version of the Huntress Agent Installer (HuntressInstaller.exe) from Huntress servers.
  2. Run the Installer.
  3. Verify the Installer succeeded. 
  4. Verify the Huntress Agent was able to register with the Huntress servers.
  5. Log all the operations to the console and to a file.

The Huntress Net Installer has several advantages over the normal Installer: the net installer will always install the most recent agent version and it provides enhanced error checking and verbose logging. Other advantages include:

  • The ability to re-install an agent (useful for upgrading agents that are not automatically updating).
  • The ability to force an agent to re-register (useful in cases where the agent was installed with the wrong account key).

It also has an edge over the Huntress Powershell Deployment script because some RMM tools are unable to manage Powershell executionpolicy. The workaround uses a batch file to manage the executionpolicy, but this makes using the Powershell script cumbersome. 

Usage of HuntressNetInstaller.exe:
  -acctkey string
        Huntress Account Key [required]
  -orgkey string
        Organization Key (customer identifier) [required]
        Re-install the agent (useful for upgrading an agent)
        Force the agent to re-register (useful if previously deployed with the incorrect account key)
Usage Example

The installer must be run with administrative privileges. If run manually, you will need to run it from an administrative command prompt. If deploying via RMM, configure the job to run with administrative privileges.

c:\> <download_path>\HuntressNetInstaller.exe -acctkey <huntress_key> -orgkey "Wibble Co"

2019/01/07 14:14:32 Log file: C:\Windows\Temp\HuntressNetInstaller.log
2019/01/07 14:14:32 HuntressNetInstaller version: 1.0.0
2019/01/07 14:14:32 64bit OS: true
2019/01/07 14:14:32 Windows version: 10.0; SP 0
2019/01/07 14:14:32 Downloading installer from<huntress_key>...
2019/01/07 14:14:34 Running installer: C:\Windows\Temp\HuntressInstaller.exe; orgkey="Wibble Co"
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Verifying installation
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Checking for 'C:\Program Files\huntress\HuntressAgent.exe'
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Checking for 'C:\Program Files\huntress\HuntressUpdater.exe'
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Checking for 'C:\Program Files\huntress\wyupdate.exe'
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Checking for 'C:\Program Files\huntress\client.wyc'
2019/01/07 14:14:42 Checking for 'C:\Program Files\huntress\uninstall.exe'
2019/01/07 14:14:44 Verifying registration
2019/01/07 14:14:44 Agent installed and registered; id: XX

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