Deploying Huntress with Syncro RMM

Installing any product should be a breeze and that's especially true with Huntress and Syncro RMM. Our joint development effort will silently install the Huntress agent on 32 and 64-bit Windows systems (Vista/Server 2008 and above) without reboots. This is a two step process that involves:

Creating the Huntress Agent Deployment Script
Scheduling the Script to Run on Assets

Create the Huntress Deployment Script

  1. Login to your Syncro Dashboard.
  2. Within the "More" menu, select the "App Center" option.
  3. Select the Huntress app card.
  4. Copy your Huntress Account Key into the "Huntress Account Key" field and click the "Update Deployment Script" button.

Schedule the Script to Run on Assets

Syncro provides you the ability to silently run the Huntress Deployment Script on a single Asset or in bulk. To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. Within the top navigation bar, select the "Assets & RMM" link.
  2. Check all assets (computers, laptops, servers, and virtual machines) that you'd like to receive the Huntress Agent.
  3. Select the "Manage" button and choose the "Run Script..." menu option.
  4. Within the Run Script pop-up, select the script "Huntress Deployment - PowerShell" and click the "Run " button.
  5. Congratulations, you've successfully created your Huntress Deployment Script and scheduled the silent installation of Huntress Agents!


If the script fails, you can check the script output for to help determine what error occurred:

Occasionally we get reports of the install failing. This is often due to a missing "Business Name" which is what the deployment script uses as the Huntress organization key.

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