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Deploying Huntress with N-able (Solarwinds MSP) RMM

NOTEThis Automation Policy was created on version v2020.03.19 BUILD (91bdc5c) of SolarWinds RMM (SolarWinds RMM Agent version 10.9.9 and version of Automation Manager), it may not work with older versions of Solarwinds RMM.

This guide is meant to provide a basic overview of deploying the Huntress Agent using SolarWinds RMM. While we are not able to offer comprehensive support for SolarWinds RMM, there is documentation available related to SolarWinds RMM scripts.

When this policy is run it will prompt for an Account and Organization Key. The Account Key is your Huntress key and used to link agents to your Huntress account during the installation process. The Organization Key is a unique key to identify each of your clients (referred to as a "client" within SolarWinds RMM) within the Huntress console. Using this method requires scheduling the script individually per client. If you know of a way to streamline this process please let us know at support@huntresslabs.com. We want to make deployment as simple as possible.

Installing any product should be a breeze and that's especially true with Huntress. We've created an Automation Policy for SolarWinds RMM that will install the Huntress agent on 32 and 64-bit Windows systems (Vista/Server 2008 and above) without any user interruptions or reboots. This is a three-step process that involves:

Downloading and Importing the Huntress Agent Deployment Script
Adding the Huntress Deployment Task to Each Client
Running the Huntress Deployment Task on Each Client

Download and Import the Huntress Agent Deployment Script

  1. Download the Huntress Agent Deployment policy from our GitHub repository. Save the file as "SolarWinds RMM Huntress Deployment.amp".
  2. Within the SolarWinds RMM dashboard, click the "Settings" menu option and select "Script Manager".
  3. In the "Script Manager" window click "New"
  4. On the "Add User Defined Scripts" window, add the script name, Type and OS, and upload the script you just downloaded.

Add the Huntress Deployment Task to Each Client

  1. Right click on the desired client. Within the context menu, hover over "Task" and select "Add".
  2. Within the search field type "Huntress", select the "Huntress Deployment" option. Click "Next" to continue.
  3. The Huntress Agent will install on Windows Servers and Workstations. Select both device types and click "Next".
  4. You'll need to create a deployment task with a unique organization key for each of your clients. Within the "Description Name" field, type "Deploy Huntress to <client name>" so you can easily reference each clients script. Enter the Huntress Account Key in the "AccountKey" field. Lastly, type your client's name within "OrganizationKey" field.
  5. Set the Frequency Method drop-down menu to "Manual".
  6. Allow the script to run for a maximum of 15 minutes
  7. Select the devices the task will run on.

Run the Task for Each Client

  1. Right click on the desired client. Within the context menu, hover over "Task" and select "Run".
  2. Select the appropriate task to run.
  3. Select each device you want install the Huntress agent onto.

The task will be queued and start executing. The policy itself does error checking to ensure that the Account Key was set and other validation to verify the installer was downloaded from the Huntress website and installed properly. If you encounter any errors please send the deployment log to support@huntresslabs.com.