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Deploying Huntress with ConnectWise Automate (Labtech)

Installing any product should be a breeze and that's especially true with Huntress. We've created a deployment script for LabTech RMM that will install the Huntress agent on 32 and 64-bit Windows systems (Vista/Server 2008 and above) without any user interruptions or reboots. The script will also automatically use the client's name (the "clientname" variable in Automate) to organize the agents within Huntress' multi-tenant Web Interface. This is a three-step process that involves:

Downloading and Importing the Huntress Agent Install script
Customizing the Huntress Agent Install Script

Did you know that Huntress provides documentation on how to create an automated Automate Internal Monitor that will install the Huntress? Agent on specified groups/clients here: https://support.huntress.io/article/131-connectwise-automate-huntress-agent-internal-monitor

We also have documentation on getting ConnectWise Automate to Report back the number of Huntress Agents installed to a ConnectWise Manage Billing Agreement? Check it out here:  https://support.huntress.io/article/129-labtech-to-cw-billing

Download and Import the Huntress Agent Install script

  1. Download the Huntress Agent install script from our GitHub repository. The file is XML so the browser displays the contents. From the "Save as" dialog, save the file as "Huntress Agent Install script - Download.xml" for use with Automate.
  2. Open the LabTech Control Center and import the script. From the Main menu  System -> General -> Import -> XML Expansion, see below:
  3. In the File Browser window, browse to the XML file you just downloaded and click the "Open" button.

    Customize the Huntress Agent Install Script

    NOTE: Automate does not refresh the script repository view immediately after importing a script. If the Huntress Agent Install script is not listed, reloading the cache or closing and then reopening the Control Center will likely resolve the issue. 

    1. From the Navigation tree, expand Automation > Scripts > "Custom Scripts":
    2. Double click on the "Huntress Agent Install" script to edit the options.
    3. Select the "Globals and Parameters" tab and update the acct_key global variable by replacing "ChangeMe" with your Huntress Account Key. Be sure to click the "Save" button after you have updated the acct_key.
    4. (Optional) This deployment script will automatically use the Automate ClientName to group your agents into Huntress Organizations and tag the agent using the Automate LocationName (as seen below). If you'd like to use a different value for the tag you'll need to edit line 5 of the LabTech script.
    5. %tempdir%\HuntressInstaller.exe /ACCT_KEY=@acct_key@ /ORG_KEY="%clientname%" /TAGS="%locationname%" /S

    6. Save the script with your changes.

    You are ready to deploy

    Congratulations, your LabTech Deployment Script is ready. Schedule it to run and watch your agents show up within the Huntress Dashboard!


If the script fails, you can check the script log for to help determine what error occurred:

Need something else?

The ConnectWise Automate Huntress Agent Install Script is written in the Automate scripting language. If you need any assistance from Huntress, or if you notice a step that's missing, please contact us at support@huntress.io. If you run into a snag, feel free to take a copy of the logs and send them over to support@huntress.io.