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ConnectWise Manage Billing Sync (Beta)

Prerequisite: Please see Reporting Incidents to ConnectWise Manage on setting up the ConnectWise Manage Integrations and permissions. 

While we are in Beta and conducting additional testing, Partners need to send in a request to the Huntress Support Team to have the Billing feature enabled you can contact support by clicking here or emailing support@huntress.com.

Best practice is to have an alternative Huntress Product (non-billable and not visible to the client) for informational purposes. If you using this to update your billable items, please know that there are some limitations.

We assume that a finance Agreement set up in ConnectWise Manage contains a line item for Huntress.

You should be aware that this setup will modify "Addition" counts on "Agreements" in ConnectWise. Because of this, you could get unintended effects in your billing if not configured correctly.

The sync will run on your Huntress billing date (the count you are billed by Huntress and the count in your CW should match). Because of this, the counts you bill your customers could be different. 

Set up (after you have created your CW Integration)

  1. Log into your Huntress Dashboard
  2. Click the "hamburger (☰)" menu in the top-right, then click integrations.
  3. Click the "pencil ✏️"  icon next to your ConnectWise Manage Integration
  4. Click the Billing tab and then flip "Sync With ConnectWise Agreements" to "Yes" and select the ConnectWise Product you would like to map. Click Save.
    The addition count gets updated on the same day that your Huntress invoice is generated for the month. 

Limitations in v1.0

  • You must choose 1 product to map to additions in agreements across all customers
  • You can't have the same Huntress product across multiple agreements for the same company
  • The addition count gets updated on the same day your Huntress invoice is generated for the month--this is not currently customizable. 

Additional permissions required for the billing sync: 

If you set up your Huntress<>Connectwise Manage Integration prior to July 2021, you may need to update your Manage permissions before Huntress can perform a billing sync. 

Please see Reporting Incidents to ConnectWise Manage Section 2 Step 7 for a list of all required permissions

    Finance Add Level Delete Edit Level Inquire Level
    Agreements (customize)                None  None     None    All