Reseller Billing

Huntress is sold to resellers at a discounted rate with the right to resell the license and service to their customers. This article describes how a reseller will be billed for licenses purchased from Huntress.

Once an individual contract has an active subscription under the reseller dashboard activated by a user-admin of the resell dashboard, the billing process will kick off.

Note: If you activate a Huntress subscription before the end of the free trial period, the remaining days of the trial will still be honored.  Although the account will be marked “active” in the portal as opposed to “trialing”, the actual starting date of the subscription won’t begin until the original trial period has ended.

Example: A trial begins on Jan 1st and ends on Jan 21st. If the subscription is activated on Jan 10th, the service will be “active” on the 10th, but the subscription dates will be Jan 21st to Jan 20th of the following year, ensuring that the customer gets the full benefit of the trial period.

Huntress supports two billing period options for our Reseller Partners:

Annual Billing:

  • Huntress will send an invoice to the Billing Email(s) listed on the Settings page of your reseller dashboard.  The invoice will include two options for payment: 
    • ACH (wire transfer) 
    • Credit card payment
  • The invoice is on NET30 terms
    • Resellers have 30 days to pay the full balance.

Huntress does not require a credit card if a reseller account opts for annual payments as their only billing period option

Monthly Billing:

  • We require a credit card within the reseller dashboard if an account opts for monthly payments.
  • Automatic charges to the credit card on file within the reseller dashboard is the only payment type accepted for monthly billing accounts. 
  • Resellers that choose monthly periods are billed in arrears.
    • Reseller invoices are sent on the 1st of each month.
    • The reseller will receive one charge to their credit card on file for the total of all of the monthly subscriptions under their reseller dashboard during the previous month. 
      • Please note that under the reseller dashboard, every individual accounts' monthly billing cycle date will vary based on when the customer’s trial ends.
      • If multiple accounts for a reseller dashboard belong to the same pricing tier, their agent counts will be aggregated in that tier and will be displayed as the total of all plans in that tier. 

Huntress does require a credit card if a reseller account opts for monthly payments.


In the reseller dashboard, there is a header item titled Invoices where billing data will be organized by monthly billing periods. 

Drilling into the Plan or Quantity links provides a view of the usage and billing details pertaining to each account. Clicking on the linked image under Receipt opens Stripe (payment processor) in a new browser tab which enables you to download the Huntress monthly Stripe invoice--or receipt.

Annual billing accounts show as $0 because they have already paid in full (up-front) for the year, but this information can still be helpful for usage auditing. 

Monthly billing accounts show the actual billing amounts for the period.