Huntress Platform Release notes

Last updated: 2021-04-26

Huntress Release Notes provide information on features, improvements, and bug fixes continuously being rolled out within the product. Please continue to check here for future updates. 

April 2021

Defender Managed AV (Beta) 

Please see Managed Microsoft Defender Antivirus (Beta) to view our user documentation on Managed AV.


  • Introduced "3rd Party AV" status reasons for unhealthy defender endpoints in order to give context to partners that run other AV services on their endpoints.
  • A Manual Signature Update button is available in the Huntress Dashboard to force a signature update as needed at the host level. Partners requested this MAV feature in order to ensure their endpoints were updated with the latest signatures.
  • Default values were added to always receive signature updates from Microsoft Update and ensure signatures are checked for updates at every startup when MAV settings are in “Enforce” mode. This ensures that Defender Signatures are regularly updated on managed hosts.


  • MAV CPU utilization is capped at 30% to prevent deleterious configuration settings that could negatively impact managed hosts.
  • The Defender Detection Time in the Huntress Dashboard has been changed to display the timestamp for when the detection was logged by Defender instead of the time that Huntress first saw the detection event. This will clarify when a Defender detection was seen on a device that came from an infection prior to installing Huntress.  

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