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Creating Microsoft Defender AV Exclusions

There is a bug in the Huntress system that requires exclusions' letter-case in Huntress and locally on the machine to match. Otherwise, Huntress will show "non-compliant" (but the exclusions will still be applied).

    Exclusions can be set on the account, organization, or host level (depending on inheritance settings).

    To set exclusions for a host you'll want to click the "gear" icon under the Microsoft Defender box within an Agent, and you will be presented with a place to create exclusions:

    To create exclusions on the account or organization level, click on "Configure" within the Managed Antivirus Status table on the Managed AV page of the Account or organization. After selecting inheritance settings (if available) you will be able to enter the exclusions.

    • Path exclusions - type out the path you want to exclude (i.e., C:\ProgramName\Databasefolder) 
    • Extension exclusions - type the extension name of extensions you'd like to exclude from scanning (ie. .txt, .docx, etc. <-- don't exclude these)
    • Process exclusions - type the full path of programs you'd like to exclude (i.e., C:\tester.exe)

    For more information on Path/Extension exclusions, please see

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