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Managed AV (Beta) - Interface & Basic Settings

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You can view the Managed AV interface by pressing the AV icon on the left side of your dashboard. From there, you can drill down and filter Protected, Unhealthy, and Not Protected.

Drilling down into an individual Agent jumps you straight into the "Antivirus" tab for the Agent. 

Clicking on the "Threat Name" will bring you to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Malware Encyclopedia for the threat. Clicking the "paper" icon on the right side of the threat will display a pop-up with more details on the infection.


MAV Status

Protected (green shield):  Microsoft Defender is enabled with all engines turned on without any open infections

Unhealthy (orange triangle):  Microsoft Defender is enabled but not all engines are turned on, Microsoft Defender is enabled but signatures are out of date, Microsoft Defender is disabled.

Not Protected (red x): Windows OS version is not supported by Huntress Managed AV, or Microsoft Defender is disabled or not active. The machine may still be protected by a third-party AV, this status simply means it is not protected by Defender through Huntress Managed AV.

Policy Status

Inheritance settings

    Inheritance Legend for Huntress Recommended Defaults

    Inheritance settings can be set at the account or organization levels. The inheritance settings that are set at the account level will apply to all organizations within the account. Inheritance settings that are set at the organization level will apply to all hosts within the organization.

    If you have any of the inherited settings in the Huntress Managed AV Dashboard set, it will not apply to anywhere that is using a 3rd party AV.

    Select "Configure" within the account or organization


    There are two options within account/organization/host Antivirus Configuration 

    • Hidden: This will hide the UI for Antivirus configuration so users under the account or organization will not be able to see or change the configurations.
    • Visible: This will allow all users under the account or organization to see the UI for Account Antivirus Configurations and be able to make changes.
    • Not changing the inheritance setting will use the system default, which is keeping the UI visible.




    Creating exclusions 

    For exclusion settings, please see: 

    Managed AV (Beta) - Exclusions

    Update AV Settings

    You can bulk update audit/enforce settings across Agents (by checking them off and selecting "Audit" or "Enforce")