Are Huntress exclusions necessary in third-party AV?

Typically Huntress does not need to be whitelisted within third-party Antivirus. Since the Agent isn't making any changes and is operating in read-only mode it usually does not get flagged. That being said, there have been rare occasions where a third-party AV is present with alert settings on high, resulting in the Huntress Agent being flagged. 

Note on some "Next-gen" AVs: The Huntress Agent scans auto-runs in read-only mode and hashes the files. This tips off some NGAV products, please create exclusions if you are experiencing network slow-down, CPU spikes, etc. related to the Huntress Agent. 

If you have this problem with your third-party AV, you can choose to whitelist the entire folder C:\Program Files\Huntress, or the executable file paths. 

C:\Program Files\Huntress\HuntressUpdater.exe

C:\Program Files\Huntress\HuntressAgent.exe

C:\Program Files\Huntress\wyUpdate.exe

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