Agent Updater (HuntressUpdater.exe and wyUpdate.exe)

The Huntress Agent updates automatically, without any end-user intervention. The agent checks in every 15 minutes to see if any version updates are available. Follow the article link for more information on Updating Huntress Agents.

About the Updater

The Agent updates by using a third-party updater, wyUpdate.exe. When an update is available, the HuntressUpdater.exe calls to wyUpdate, downloading and running the Agent update. The Huntress Updater reaches out to 

wyUpdate uses TLS 1.1 to fetch updates. If TLS 1.1 is blocked, the Agent update will fail.

Follow the article link for more information on Huntress and TLS Deep Packet Inspection (TLS/SSL Interception)

The HuntressUpdater.exe also reaches out to Bugsnag, which is used for updater bug reporting.


If using Windows Process Monitor, the update will show as wyUpdate, not HuntressUpdater

wyUpdate extracts the update archive into a random directory under c:\windows\temp.