How do I "force a survey?"

End users are not able to "force a survey". Any time the agent detects a change in an auto-run on the host a survey is automatically sent to Huntress, therefore forcing a survey is unnecessary.

Survey Intervals

The Huntress Agent sends surveys to Huntress at regular intervals (about every 15 minutes). Once the Agent is installed on a host these surveys automatically starting running at regular intervals. The surveys are only sent to the Huntress cloud for analysis if a change in an auto-starting program is detected. Many agents will typically only send a few surveys a day unless malware is present and making constant changes.

More information on surveys and the type of data that is collected can be found in the Surveys article.

Surveys following Incident remediation

Users often ask about forcing a survey following remediation of an incident so that it immediately shows as resolved in the dashboard. Once an incident is remediated and the footholds are gone, the agent will recognize that the persistence mechanisms have been removed. It will then send a survey to Huntress to be processed. This results in it sometimes taking up to 30 minutes for an incident to show as resolved.

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