Password requirements

There is a character minimum of 9. Although there are no number/letter/symbol requirements, it would be near-impossible to create a "guessable" password that doesn't fail any of the tests above. See below for more information. We use zxcvbn by Dropbox ( for password strength testing. You can find some examples here:

We use a password strength algorithm that rejects the following:

  • Dictionary (popular word matching, generic password matching, name/surname matching, commonly used English words, inverted words, L33ting)
  • Spatial (close key matching such as qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm)
  • Repeating (aaaaa, 111111, abcabc, etc)
  • Sequence matching (abcdefgh, ghijklmnop, 0123456, etc.)
  • Date strings (20200122, etc)
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