Deploying Huntress with LogMeIn Central (One2Many)

This is a simple overview of installing the Huntress executable using LogMeIn Central. 

  1. Expand One2Many and select "Tasks." Then click Create Task.
  2. Click Run a batch file or executable. 
    1. STEP 2: Enter a "Task Name" (we went with "Install Huntress"). 
    2. STEP 3: Upload the HuntressInstaller.exe (Download the Huntress Agent)
    3. STEP 4: "Optional Parameters: /ACCT_KEY="YOUR_ACCOUNT_KEY_HERE" /ORG_KEY="YOUR_ORGANIZATION_KEY_HERE" /S  (the S must be capitalized)
    4. STEP 5: Click Save and Continue
    5. Please note that your OrgKey is hard-coded here and everything that the task is run on will be put into that Organization in the Huntress Console. If you need to move Agents to a different Organization after deployment, please see Moving Agents between organizations

  3. Choose name and schedule options and click Save and Continue
  4. Click run now (if desired) 
  5. This is what you should get after a successful installation 

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