Cell Phone Text Notifications

For Partners that would like Huntress alerts sent to a cell phone (such as an on-call cell phone), you can use your carrier's mobile gateway address to send email to a cell phone via MMS. See below for more information.

Mobile carriers use gateway addresses to send emails to cell phones and have them come through as an SMS/MMS message. Carriers can have more than one address, usually for SMS or MMS messages. We recommend going with the MMS option as SMS messages will get split into 67 character chucks and could get lost in transit. 

Please see Reporting Incidents to Email Addresses on setting up email/text Integrations in the Dashboard. 


  • AT&T - {10-digit number}@mms.att.net
  • T-Mobile - {10-digit number}@tmomail.net
  • Sprint - {10-digit number}@pm.sprint.com
  • Verizon - {10-digit number}@vzwpix.com
  • Google Fi - {10-digit number}@msg.fi.google.com

Please note: A message from Huntress may come through as a large data message (MMS) or multiple text messages (SMS). Standard message and data rates may apply, please contact your mobile carrier for Support. 

If you would like us to send a test email, contact Support. contact Support.

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