ConnectWise Automate to Manage Agreement Billing

We have a direct ConnectWIse Billing integration here:! 

The general use case is to have Automate Update an alternative Huntress Product (non-billable and not visible to the client) for informational purposes. If you using this to update your billable items, please know that there are some limitations. Please review the consideration below. 

Note: This guide makes certain assumptions and is provided  only as a guide. This is a requirement for using Huntress.  Please direct all Connectwise support questions to Connectwise or a ConnectWise Consultant.

- This document assumes that the Partner has a finance Agreement set up in ConnectWise Manage that contains a line-item for Huntress, and the Partner has an understanding of how ConnectWise Manage, its Agreements, and billing features work.

- The Partner should understand that this setup will modify "Addition" counts on "Agreements" in ConnectWise. Because of this, you could get unintended effects in your billing if not configured correctly, or if the settings are incompatible with your environment.

- This will update "Huntress Product" on your "Agreement" with the number of Automate Endpoints with Huntress installed. For example, if there are 50 Agents in Automate with Huntress installed, but that organization has 5 more endpoints than what is also in Automate, the line-item for Huntress will always get updated to 50 Agents regardless of what the Partner manually sets (presumably 55). To mitigate this issue, you can create a product in ConnectWise Manage called "Huntress-Automate" to distinguish counts that come from Automate specifically (remember that you can always have a hidden and non-billable items on an Agreement, you can always set the Huntress Agreement count up for "informational" purposes for your billing team).

- This "integration" does not affect the Huntress side of the house, so setting this up will not affect your Huntress bill date or billed number of Huntress Agents. If your Agreement billing date and Huntress billing date are different, you could potentially have a different number of endpoints on the client's Agreement bill versus your Huntress Bill. Keep in mind that Huntress does not talk to Automate, so if an offline agent is removed from the Huntress console, Automate could still report Huntress as installed and count it on your Agreement. 

- This guide assumes you have already configured and have a basic understanding of the ConnectWise Manage plugin for Automate.

- This guide was created in a controlled environment that did not already utilize "Manage Services" within Automate, nor did it use any kind of billing feature between the two. If you already use these features, you will need to modify your existing ones. These instructions are meant to provide Huntress's guidance to ConnectWise Partners and may not be the "best" way this should be configured. Only you can determine what's best for your environment. Feedback with your setup/examples is always welcome. If you'd like to share information with us, feel free to email

If any of the above considerations don't make sense, please reach out to our Support Team for clarification, or if you are uncomfortable with them, please stop here and seek out a ConnectWise Automate Consultant. Please note that the Huntress Team is not ConnectWise Developers, therefore the setup outlined in this documentation may not be the best way of doing things. We are receptive to any feedback you may have at

Setting up this integration requires administrative permissions in both Manage (Company Administrator) and Automate (Super Admin). It is recommended that your designated ConnectWise Manage Administrator and ConnectWise Automate Administrator work on creating this. 

ConnectWise Manage Automate Plugin:

ConnectWise Manage Agreements:

ConnectWise Manage 

  1. Add a line item for Huntress to the Agreement for the client (if not done already). 

ConnectWise Automate

  1. Go to System>General>Manage Service Catalog
  2. Create a product for Huntress
  3. Go to Automation>Advanced Searches and create a new search
  4. Customize the search to your liking, below is what we recommend. Save the search as "Software\Software - Huntress" (or something similar). 
  5. Go to Browse>Groups. Right-click on "Groups" and hit "create group"
  6. Set the "Computers" under "AutoJoin Searches." And add the "Huntress" product we created earlier under the "Managed Services" Tab. 
  7. Go to System>ConnectWise Manage
  8. Go to Agreement Mapping then hit "Managed Service Templates"
  9. (Assuming you don't already have a Managed Service Template--if you do, click "Edit Template") Click "New Template."
  10. Match up the "Huntress" Automate Managed Service with the appropriate ConnectWise Manage Product and Manage Agreement Type (you may need to press "Refresh Manage Products and Agreement Types"). And fille in the "Managed Service Template Name" (ie. Managed Services). Click Save. NOTE: you will need to do this for Each Agreement type (if multiple) that contains provisions for Huntress.
  11. Return to the Agreement Mapping screen and add the Managed Service Template that contains the Huntress product. Click Save
  12. To force a sync you can click the "System check">"run system check." Please note that this resyncs everything between Manage and Automate and may take a long time to run. In some cases it still may take until the server does it's next maintenance round before it shows in Manage (once every 24 hours)
  13. You can see on the Test Agreement we created under Additions that "Labtech Software" (the name of the Automate API Member) updated the Huntress Agent count to 1. 

Known working Versions:
- ConnectWise Manage Self-host version 2020.2 (72499) | ConnectWise Automate Version 2019.12 (Patch 12) 

June 2nd, 2020 - Version 1.0 of this document has been published.