Deploying Huntress on Endpoints with Deep Freeze/VDI/Sysprep

This article applies to the use of the following: 

  • Faronics Deep Freeze
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • The use of standard install images (Sysprep, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, etc.)

Please open a ticket with us either by clicking here: Contact Us or by email at to get technical details and guidance on setting this up. 

To prevent potential issues with the Huntress Agent, we recommend installing the Agent before finalizing your master image--otherwise, all hosts will have the same Agent ID. 

In virtual environments, the hardware MAC Address must stay the same each time the host is rebooted. Huntress uses [hostname + organization name + MAC address] to test for agent uniqueness. If the MAC address changes each time, you will see duplicates in your Huntress Dashboard as the cloud will consider each MAC to be a new endpoint. 

Preparing the Huntress Agent for imaging

High-level overview:

  1. Install the agent
  2. Stop the Huntress Agent Service (either from services.msc or by running sc stop HuntressAgent from an administrative command prompt)
  3. Modify the registry to "reset" the agent (changes will need to be made to the registry)
  4. Clone the VM/Create the image
  5. The agent will register when the cloned VM/image is deployed

Testing/Contact Huntress:

We recommend testing one or two clones before mass deploying. Revert the clones a few times to verify that the agents re-register. 

You may see duplicates in your Huntress Dashboard at this point. Huntress does not currently have a fully automated process that detects the usage of applications like these. We ask that you contact support at, and someone will enable the feature detection on the backend to eliminate duplicates. 

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