Partner Enablement Service

November 2020: We are excited to announce that we made some major updates to the Partner Enablement/Marketing Assets Portal. Please check back for future updates

The Partner Enablement service is designed to help you more effectively leverage The Huntress Platform, capture new security revenue, and have more impactful discussions with your clients and prospects. Located directly within your Huntress dashboard, Partner Enablement is divided into three sections:

  1. Mastering Huntress
  2. Growing Revenue
  3. Gaining Knowledge

Each of the three primary sections has its own page with featured resources, asset descriptions, and download links for easy access. These assets should be used to educate your customers and can be easily co-branded with your company logo and website information. We will be updating this portal regularly with new materials (and refreshing existing ones to keep them current).

Accessing the Partner Marketing Portal
Cobranding your Partner Marketing Assets and Reports

Accessing the Partner Enablement Service

  1. Login to your Huntress dashboard with your admin account. 
  2. Click on the media and heart icon on the left menu, or the context menu in the upper-right corner and select Marketing Assets.
  3. NOTE: If you see a message regarding brand settings, shown below, proceed to the next section of this document to configure them for your account. 

Co-Branding your Partner Marketing Assets and Reports

In order to co-brand these assets with your logo and company website:

  1. Click on the context menu in the upper-right corner and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Brand Settings. Upload your company logo, enter your company highlight color, and your company website URL. Be sure to click Save when done! 
  3. Click Preview Report and you will be presented a sample report with your logo in the top-right like below (you can also press Regenerate Most Recent Reports to have reports regenerated with your logo):
  4. Return to the Partner Enablement service. Subsequent downloads should now have your logo embedded in the files.  
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