Adding/Managing Huntress Users

Huntress supports multiple user accounts at no additional cost. You can add users at an Account level or an Organization level. A user added at the Account level can view all Organizations. A user added at the Organization level can only view the Organization(s) the user was specifically added to.

Note: Only account level users have access to the account key which is needed to install the agent (and therefore the installer download is also restricted to account level users). This was done to prevent unauthorized agent installs since the account is responsible for billing.

Adding Account Level Users

To add a user at the Account level, select "Users" from the menu on the upper right side of the Dashboard.

Proceed to the "User Management" section of this document.

Adding Organization Level Users

To add a user to an Organization, select the Organization you want to manage:

Once you are in the desired Organization, click on the "Users" button from the navigation bar.

User Management

On the User management page, click the "+ Add" button as displayed below.

This prompts you to provide the email address and privileges of the user you'd like to add. After populating this information, click the "Add" button.


  1. Admin - full control of organization
  2. User - permission to modify tags; cannot add new users.
  3. Read-only

This will send an invitation to the specified email address where the new user can setup their account and password. This invitation will come from If you don't receive the e-mail, check spam filters, junk folders, and white-list this e-mail address. 

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