Huntress Weekly/Monthly Summary

Huntress sends weekly and monthly summaries to registered users. Both summaries include:

  • Number of agents installed
  • Number of investigations
  • Number of incidents reported
  • Number of new members added 
  • Number of unresponsive agents

Users can enable/disable these summaries on the user preferences page (from the menu on the upper right corner of the Huntress console):

  1. From the Huntress Dashboard, navigate to Preferences
  2. Under "Organization summary emails" select Weekly and/or Monthly summary to receive summaries at the chosen interval
    1. The number of unresponsive agents can be found towards the bottom of the summary. Clicking the hyperlink will direct you to the list of unresponsive agents in the Huntress console.
    2. Clicking on the "dashboard" hyperlink at the bottom of the summary will take you directly to your Huntress Dashboard
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