Unresponsive Agents/Changing Unresponsive Agent Settings

By default, Agents who have not called back to Huntress within 21 days (or agents that have not "checked in" within 3 days of install) will be marked as unresponsive regardless of the settings. An Agent that doesn't call back to Huntress after it's installed indicates an issue. Please follow the troubleshooting instructions here: Basic Troubleshooting.

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We give you the ability to remove an Agent when it has not called back within a specified number of days. See Customize the Unresponsive Agent Settings below for more details.

Typically agents are unresponsive because the host is offline, possibly decommissioned, or re-imaged, but occasionally is caused by something else. For Agent troubleshooting, visit the Basic Troubleshooting & Checking Huntress Status page.

If the host has been decommissioned, the agent can be removed from your account by following these instructions.

When an agent is automatically removed from an account, it will be tasked to uninstall. Should the agent come back online, the uninstall task instructs the agent to remove itself from the computer. 

Huntress will task an agent to uninstall for 30 days. If the Host is offline for those 30 days, the Agent will not be uninstalled. When the host is brought back online, it will be left with an Orphaned Agent. Further steps will need to be taken.

Configuring the Unresponsive Agent Settings

Huntress gives you the option to update the thresholds at which agents are considered "unresponsive" and, optionally, automatically uninstall the agent. 

Customization Options:   

  • Number of days until an agent is considered unresponsive (Default: 21 days) 
  • Number of days an agent is unresponsive before action is taken (Default: 7 days) 
  • The action to be taken on unresponsive agents (Default: No Action).

These options can be set on the Account Level and the Organization Level:

  • Account Level will be the Global Default
  • Organization-level settings will override the Account Level settings for granularity in organizations.

To change the thresholds, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Huntress Web Interface.
  2. To change the Account Level settings, hover over the Huntress options menu in the dashboard's upper-right corner.
    To change the settings for a specific organization, overriding the Account Level settings, go to Step 5.
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu.
  4. On the Settings page, you will see a section labeled Unresponsive Agent Settings.
    1. Days Until Unresponsive - The number of days Huntress has not seen an agent before the Agent is considered unresponsive (Default: 21 days)
    2. Unresponsive Limit - The number of days an agent is unresponsive before action is taken on the Agent (Default: 7 days). 
    3. Unresponsive Action - Action to be taken after the agent has been unresponsive past the Unresponsive Limit (Default: No Action)
  5. To change the Organizational Level, click the Organizations tab at the top menu in the portal. 

  6. Find the organization you wish to modify and click the edit "pencil" icon. 

  7. By default, all organizations will use the Account Level settings. Any changes you make here will override the account settings. This is helpful if you have a specific organization that may have longer unresponsive times than usual. 
  8. The same options that are available at the global level are also available at the organizational level. Once you've selected the appropriate settings, click the save button.

When Unresponsive Agents are uninstalled, we will send you an email: 

Orphaned Agent

Re-running the deployment script on an orphaned agent will appear to work; however, the connection between the Agent and Huntress will not be restored. 

Huntress will task an Agent to uninstall for 30 days before abandoning the task. For more detailed information on when the uninstall will occur, visit the When will the agent uninstall occur page.

If Huntress does not get a response from the agent within 30 days, it is orphaned, and the Agent's key/token has been revoked by Huntress. 

When attempting to re-install an orphaned Agent (usually through an RMM), the files will be re-installed. However, the Agent is still using the revoked key/token, making the installation successful, but the Agent will fail to communicate to the Huntress cloud.

For the Agent to show again in the Huntress Dashboard, the Agent must be Uninstalled and Reinstalled.


For agent troubleshooting, visit the Basic Troubleshooting & Checking Huntress Status page.

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