Unresponsive Agents

Agents that have not called back in 45 days are marked as "unresponsive". Typically this is because the host is offline, possibly decommissioned or re-imaged, but occasionally is caused by something else.

If you know the host has been decommissioned, you can remove the agent from you account by following these instructions.

If you want to troubleshoot, first check the Windows Services Manger to ensure the Huntress Agent services are running. If not running, start the services and verify that they started and are still running.

  • Huntress Agent Service
  • Huntress Updater Service

If the services are running and the agent is not checking in, the Huntress Agent log should provide details as to a possible cause. The Huntress Agent log can be found within the following directory:


Feel free to send the log to support@huntress.io so we can help troubleshoot. 

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